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Originating from the Württemberg region of southwest Germany, over 151 years of development, Bravat created the definition of business-class bathroom equipment. The Bravat mark appears throughout the world's leading luxury architectural projects, as a guarantee of quality, scale and design. Not only does it bring the owner a perfect experience, but it is also a measure of a trendy, elegant, and classy lifestyle. 


From the German spirit, Bravat focuses on the principle of balance, through the creation of sophisticatedly designed products that still meet outstanding functionality. Always liberal and constantly innovating, Bravat is the leading brand globally in applying modern technology to products. All unique features will optimize customer experience, for every beautiful moment of life, in a very private space.


Waiting for you to experience the Business Class bathroom space at Showroom Bravat, because we are constantly innovating so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a more comfortable life.






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Understanding that improving the quality of life must start from your own home, Bravat bathrooms not only help solve basic needs but are also a solution to help you have the best experience to enjoy privacy. The ultimate source of fresh energy every day. All senses are awakened by the flowing and smooth water, a new day begins in a very active and comfortable way. Whether you want to get back to nature or you crave urban life, Bravat is always dedicated to providing you with sophisticated, creative designs that enhance the value of your bathroom, giving you the freedom to express your personality and style. Bring endless inspiration to all members of your family.